Dear WP Sports Council Members

Please find attached urgent information request from Western Cape Provincial Sports Confederation regarding your coaches.

Best Regards
WP Sports Council

Dear Sir/Madam

Subject: Nomination of Coaches for Provincial Coaches Development program

The Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation in cooperation with the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport in partnership with SASCOC will be hosting a Provincial Coach Development program phase 1 from the 7 – 11 April 2014.

We therefore request federations to nominate potential Coach Developers from their respective federations whom must be endorsed and signed off by the District Sport Council.  

The selection criteria for each nominee are as follow:
  1. Provide proof of each candidate’s level of coaching qualification.
  2. The total number of years of coaching experience and what level.
  3. A short summary why this coach is the preferred person.
  4. The willingness of the person to accept responsibility to advance and be involve in the further education of other coaches.
  5. Nominations must be scrutinised by District Coaches Commissions and signed off by the District Sport Council.  Each District Sport Council and Coaches Commission must ensure they comply to the gender, race and equity matter as well.
  6. Not more than one delegate from a specific sport code shall be considered.
  7. Candidates must be at least Level 1 qualified but preference will be given to Level 2 coaches.
  8. Each District Sport Council and relevant Federation must share the transport cost to the venue and back.  The Western Cape Sport Confederation will cover the cost of the course fees, meals and accommodation for the delegates from Eden, Central Karoo, Overberg and West Coast. The delegates from the Cape Town Metro and Boland will not stay over but lunch and tea will be provided.

The breakdown per District Sport council is as follow:
  1. Cape Town Metro (5 coaches)
  2. Boland (5 coaches)
  3. Eden (5 coaches)
  4. West Coast (5 coaches)
  5. Overberg (4 coaches)
  6. Central Karoo (2 coaches)

The All nominees must be verified by the District Sport Council/Coaching commission.

The closing date is Friday, 28th March 2014 at 16h00.  
All nominations must be submitted to Wayne Weitz at

Your urgent attention will be appreciated.
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