Dear WP Sports Council member

Please ensure this correspondences reaches the appropriate person at your Federation.

This is a reminder that you still have until this Wed 24th to suggest additional Legends.

Remember this is an extension and a reminder so please ifgnore the date on the form.

Please consider that we the legends awards is primarly for life long service to the world of sport.
The nominations do not have to be results based, you may nominate anyone you feel contributed during their lifetime and made a meaningfull difference, especially pre 1994.

As an egsample their might be an individual that managed a club for 30 years in a far loaction. And during this time made a meaningfull contribution to the world of sport.

Please think out of the box and be liberal and creative in your thinking.
There are plenty of people out there who have contributed to the world of sport in many different ways

The intention is to honour Sport Legends, heroes and icons, who contributed uncompromisingly to the development, transformation and growth of sport in South Africa.

  • People who made a significant contribution to sport.
  • People who are regarded as icons in their communities.
  • People who gracefully gave sport their all.
  • People who played a role in shaping sport before 1992
  • Representivity along the lines of gender, demography and geography.
  • A lifetime of service to the code in general.
  • Nominee must be at the age of 50 and more.
  • Preferably, the nominee should be in retirement except in outstanding cases where the qualifications of the candidate speak for themselves.
Please ensure all nominations are sent directly to DCAS as per the attached nomination form.

Best Regards

WP Sports Council
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