Dear WP Sports Council member.
Please ensure this document reaches the relevant person at your Federation.

This is an additional kind reminder to get your nominations in.

No Federation can be without nominations.
Every Federation in WP has, at the very least some administrators and volunteers in their organisation who help.

Please put these names forward.
ID photo's can be sent in upon request.

Please do not avoid putting in nominations with the pre-conceived idea that your star performers might not be recognised.
Send in any suggestions you might have.

Please note:
Due to several Federations failure to recognise their athletes, volunteers or administrations through the awards nomination process for the WP Sports Council Awards 2014, we are allowing a final grace period and extending the nomination phase until 4pm Monday 27 October 2014.

This will be the final extension and request

Please find attached nomination form for the 2014 WP Sports Council Awards.

Note the following:

  • Please supply accurate event dates and results.
  • Please keep motivations short and to the point.
  • We have an abundance of athletes who deserve recognition, please make every effort to enter their nominations.
  • All sports should enter.
  • You have an abundance of administrators and volunteers please consider who helped run your sport and nominate as many as possible.
  • The relevant award winners from the Regional Sport Awards will be the finalists for the Western Cape Sport Awards.
  • No faxed nominations forms will be accepted. Completed forms must be handed in at regional offices before the closing date.
    • The regional offices are at Hartley Valey in Observatory,
  • In the event of queries please contact Mr. Phillip van Reenen at the office 021 483 9779 or Email

Our WP sport stars can only be recognised if we have the entries.
Let's make sure we give them all the recognition they deserve.

Nomination deadline is 27 October 2014.

Best Regards
WP Sports Council
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