Dear WP Sports Council Member

As part of the National Sports Coaching Framework we are in the process of collating and surveying our coaches within the Cape Town Unicity.
The purpose of this registration process is to offer coaches valuable coaching development opportunities.

Your current coaches as well as new coaches will be invited to our workshops and seminars presented by industry experts.
These experiences range from talent identification to sports law and safety, as well as several other dynamic learning opportunities.

In addition to the current registrations within your Federation we wil be passing new coaches details specific to your sport on to you.
This will allow for you to recruit more coaches to your Federation.

For more information on the SASCOC coaching framework please click here.

Please pass this email on to all your coaches as well as your head of coaching.

Copy this link into your correspondence and pass it onto your coaches.

Link to copy

Best Regards
WP Sports Council
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