Dear WP Sports council member

Please pass this on to the correct person at your Federation.

Please note we once again have to email more than one person at your Federation. This is due to a number of Federations failing to complete the online Exco update form. Our aim is to make direct contact with only the necasary people at your Federation, thereby eliminating unwanted correspondence.

This makes matters very difficult for us when it comes to communication. We have asked for this several times. So once again we kindly ask that you complete this online Exco form.

If you have not completed this form since 28 August 2015 ( the date of our last request then please do so now )

Click here to enter your details now.

Please also find attached a request from the Department of Culture and Sport to complete the documentation on a a case for sport.
It is critical that we complete these questionaires in order to gain better funding for sports.

Best Regards
JP Naude
WP Sports Council
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