Dear Cape Town Sports Council Member.

Please see email below from the WCPSC Transformation Monitoring Commitee to Federations which still need to comply.
If you are yet to enter your Targets, please do so urgently.
If you are a new Federation please register and enter your Targets.

Please ensure this is passed onto your Transformation Officer.

Many Thanks
Cape Town Sports Council

Dear Transformation officer

Please note it has come to our attention that your sports federation has still not entered your transformation TARGETS for 2015.

Even though you have registered on the scorecard portal you are urgently required to complete the missing information. ie TARGETS. We will send the deadline for ACHIEVEMENTS out shortly.

The Transformation Monitoring Committee will be meeting shortly to evaluate the state of transformation within the Western Cape. These finding will be presented to the President of the WCPSC and to the Department of Culture and Sport.

As we have already pointed out, the scorecard has been simplified and is more district relevant.

Please note this scorecard is the measurable component of the Transformation Charter, which is founded on the National Sport and Recreation plan, and is thus a critical compliance requirement.

As the Transformation Committee we will be taking a very had look at the Federations who have not committed to Transformation. Federations found to be out of compliance will be asked to appear before the committee.

Please visit the TMC website to enter the remainder of your details.

Best Regards
Western Cape Provincial Sports Confederation
Transformation Monitoring Committee
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