Dear CT Sport Council Member

Please pass this onto the relevant person at your federation.

This is a last minute final request from DCAS to Federations that have not supplied their documentation to DCAS.

Dear Colleagues

7 March 2017

As discussed in the Tri-Laterals, please note that there are still federations that have not submitted their Capacity Building Reports. This is urgent as I reminded them in all Tri-Laterals to submit it.
We have attached a template for federations to work on as the auditors need evidence that consist of (i) Narrative Report; (ii) Expenditure; (iii) Pictures and (iv) Signed Attendance Register.
Please assist in forwarding this template and reminder to all federations to submit their reports by no later than Friday, 10 March 2017.
You can forward it to me (Mzolisi Kota) at and I will forward it on to Avile Qowa who is currently on maternity leave.
Kind Regards
Mzolisi Kota
Sport Promotion
Department of Cultural Affairs & Sport
Western Cape Government
5th Floor, Protea Assurance Building, Greenmarket Square, Cape Town
Tel: 021 483 9637
Cell: 073 411 8018

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