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Media, Sponsorship, Marketing and TV
for Sport Federations and Clubs
Federation Volunteers Welcome
5 July 2017
Dear Cape Town Sports Council Member

Please pass this email onto the correct person at your Federation.

Your CTSC Federation is invited to attend our workshop on Media, Sponsorship, Marketing and TV for Sport.

This workshop invite is specifically intended for the individuals who attend to marketing or PR at your Federation or any volunteers you might be recruiting to be part of your Federations marketing and sponsorship team.

The amateur sports sector is under constant pressure to raise funds at Provincial, District and Club level. There are however a number of tactics we can deploy at these levels to increase the value proposition to entice corporate sponsorship. It's important to look at all options and find practical solutions for our Clubs and Federations.

Please use this opportunity to bring a few volunteers into the administrative ranks at your Federation.

We'll be looking at:

  • Gaining sponsorship at Federation and Club level
  • Creating an effective communication platform and the best options for amateur sport
  • Build a marketing team at your Federation or Club
  • Sponsorship expectations and their ROI ( Return on Investment )
  • Using TV as a value proposition for sponsors
  • Setting up your first sponsorship proposal
  • Methods of going to market
Venue: Sports Science Institute, Newlands
Arrival: 18:00
Time: 18:30 to 20:30
Date: 5 July 2017
Presenter: JP Naude
RSVP Deadline: 2 July 2017
Seats are limited

You are welcome to bring additional guests, but seats are limited.
All attendees and guests are required to be authorised by their Federation.


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