WP Sports Council Location

Please note the correction to the Venue Name:
Goodwood Civic ( Minor hall ): not Goodwood sports club.

The following serves as notification of the forthcoming General Council meeting, including venue directions.

Please ensure your Federation is aware of this meeting.

Date: 6 November 2013
Venue: Goodwood Civic ( Minor hall ): ( Please see attached map )

Facility is in McDonald Street in Goodwood just off Vootrekker Road, next to the Goodwood Library.
Time: 6:30 pm

Meeting agenda as follows:
  1. Welcome
  2. Present & apologies
  3. Minutes of previous meetings
  4. Matters Arising from Previous meeting
  5. Chairman’s report:
  6. Treasurer report
  7. Portfolio reports
  8. General
    1. WP Sports Council Awards
    2. Surveys
  9. Next Meetings
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Please note:
The delegate representing your Federation requires prior authorisation from the Federation.
This delegate will be the sole speaker authorised to represent your Federation.
Attached is the Federation Delegate Credential form.
This form is required to be submitted no later than 5pm, 1 November 2013.

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