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Sport Legends 2013

Circular number three

Dear Colleagues

Please note further to the circular dated 22nd October 2013, herewith a further explanation to the meaning of the term, “People that were missed from other codes in the past Sport Legends”. These are people who due to various factors were not recognised in previous years in the following sport categories;

1.    Athletics
2.    Aquatics
3.    Body building
4.    Boxing
5.    Bi/Tri/Pentathlon
6.    Chess
7.    Cricket
8.    Cycling
9.    Darts
10.    Disability Sport
11.    Football
12.    Hockey
13.    Karate
14.    Netball
15.    Rugby
16.    Softball
17.    Table Tennis
18.    Tennis
19.    Volleyball
20.    Weightlifting
21.    Bowls
22.    Baseball
23.    Gymnastics
24.    Golf
25.    Jukskei
26.    Sport Science
27.    Media
28.    Sailing
29.    Badminton
30.    Canoeing
31.    Dance Sport
32.    Tug of War
33.    Fencing
34.    NSC
35.    SACOS

The full list of codes is listed below;

1.    Squash – has been established pre 1994 which forms part of the criteria for recognition.
2.    School Sport (Educators).
3.    Recognition of smaller codes, excluding those already recognized (Fly Fishing, Angling, Life Saving and Surfing.
4.    People that were missed from other codes in the past Sport Legends.

Important notes
•    Organising committee will be responsible for the transport and accommodation arrangements for the Sport Legends
•    The relevant Sport Councils and Regional Offices will be the first point of reference for all communication.
•    Closing date for nominations is 31st October 2013
•    All nominations must be forwarded to (021 4839762)

Kind regards

Sent electronically

Bennett Bailey
24th October 2013


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