Dear WP Sports council member

Further to the council meeting held on Wed 29 January 2014, please note the following as discussed.

Facilities and Clubs
Please click on the link below in order to provide the information regarding your Federation's clubs and facilities.Click here.

Cape Town TV
Some of you mentioned that you are still awaiting invoices and membership confirmations from CTV.
Please reply to this mail with your details so that we may follow up. ( Not all left their names after the meeting )

For those who wanted to know about the CTV membership benefit structure and how to join here is the direct link.Click here

The WPSC TV show will begin flighting towards the end of February.
The show will initially be filmed in studio, in interview format, with footage you bring along.
While we seek sponsorship to the show all outside shoots will need to be short, and will have a cost attached.
We will gladly give publicity to any sponsor you might have to help with the cost of the outside shoots.
A more comprehensive document on the TV show will be sent our shortly.

Should you have any immediate queries or suggestions please contact JP Naude directly on email:

Best Regards
WP Sports Council
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